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  • 2015-The Next 50 Years of Databases: I know that it’s been a year since my last post and that I still need to write part 3 in my series on the open research problems for transaction processing database systems.

  • 2016-Evolutionary Database Design: Over the last decade we’ve developed and refined a number of techniques that allow a database design to evolve as an application develops.

  • 2017-The Rise of GPU Databases: The recent but noticeable shift from CPUs to GPUs is mainly due to the unique benefits they bring to sectors like AdTech, finance, telco, retail, or security/IT . We examine where GPU databases shine.

  • 2017-2017 年数据库技术盘点: 我们将从学术界、工程界的角度,从国外到国内,从数据库内核技术到数据库运维等多种角度,一起来回顾精彩的 2017。

  • 2019-国产数据库激荡 40 年: 在被 Oracle、MySQL、DB2 等产品蚕食的中国数据库市场,国产自研数据库如何才能真正崛起?

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  • 2007-Architecture of a Database System #Paper#: This paper presents an architectural discussion of DBMS design principles, including process models, parallel architecture, storage system design, transaction system implementation, query processor and optimizer architectures, and typical shared components and utilities.

  • 2010-Database System Concepts-6th》📚:

  • 2012-The Internals of PostgreSQL》📚: The main purposes of this document are to explain how each subsystem works, and to provide the whole picture of PostgreSQL.

  • 2012-High Performance MySQL》📚: With High Performance MySQL, you’ll learn advanced techniques for everything from designing schemas, indexes, and queries to tuning your MySQL server, operating system, and hardware to their fullest potential. This guide also teaches you safe and practical ways to scale applications through replication, load balancing, high availability, and failover.

  • 2014-SQL for MySQL: A Beginner’s Tutorial》📚: This introduction to SQL for MySQL begins by discussing exactly how data is stored and maintained in a relational database, familiarizing readers with SQL INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements.

  • 2015-Readings in Database Systems-5th》📚: Readings in Database Systems (commonly known as the “Red Book”) has offered readers an opinionated take on both classic and cutting-edge research in the field of data management since 1988.

  • 2017-Designing Data Intensive Applications》📚: This book will help you navigate the diverse and fast-changing landscape of technologies for storing and processing data. We compare a broad variety of tools and approaches, so that you can see the strengths and weaknesses of each, and decide what’s best for your application.

  • 2019-Database Internal》📚: The book consists of two parts: Storage Engines and Distributed Systems since that’s where most of the differences between the vast majority of databases is coming from.


  • 2018-SQL Queries for Mere Mortals: A Hands-On Guide to Data Manipulation in SQL-4th Edition》📚: SQL Queries for Mere Mortals has earned worldwide praise as the clearest, simplest tutorial on writing effective queries with the latest SQL standards and database applications. Now, author John L. Viescas has updated this hands-on classic with even more advanced and valuable techniques.

  • 2019-How to Teach People SQL》📚: This book will help you empathize with people learning SQL for the first time.

  • 2019-Learn SQL》📚: Welcome to our PostgreSQL interactive SQL Tutorial! We’ve designed this specifically for tech-savvy folks to learn enough SQL to be able to do their own analysis and data fetching.

  • 2019-SQL Optimization》📚: Get exposed to the most common techniques for improving query speed and database performance. Learn how to optimize queries by modifying SQL. Understand how indexes work and when to apply them.




  • TP 301: TinySQL, a distributed relational database in Go 🎥: TinySQL is a course designed to teach you how to implement a distributed relational database in Go. TinySQL is also the name of the simplifed version of TiDB.

  • TP 302: TinyKV, a distributed key value database in Go 🎥: This is a series of projects on a key-value storage system built with the Raft consensus algorithm. These projects are inspired by the famous MIT 6.824 course, but aim to be closer to industry implementations.

  • 2023-Database Systems 🎥: This course is on the design and implementation of database management systems. Topics include data models (relational, document, key/value), storage models (n-ary, decomposition), query languages (SQL, stored procedures), storage architectures (heaps, log-structured), indexing (order preserving trees, hash tables), transaction processing (ACID, concurrency control), recovery (logging, checkpoints), query processing (joins, sorting, aggregation, optimization), and parallel architectures (multi-core, distributed). Case studies on open-source and commercial database systems are used to illustrate these techniques and trade-offs. The course is appropriate for students that are prepared to flex their strong systems programming skills.