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Engineering Practices

  • 2020-容器技术之发展简史: 聊容器技术避不开云原生,聊云原生也避不开容器技术。容器技术和云原生就是一对双螺旋体,容器技术催生了云原生思潮,云原生生态推动了容器技术发展。



  • Nomad : A simple and flexible workload orchestrator to deploy and manage containers and non-containerized applications across on-prem and clouds at scale.

  • LightVM : With LightVM we examine whether there is indeed a strict tradeoff between isolation (VMs) and efficiency (containers). We find that VMs can be as nimble as containers, as long as they are small and the toolstack is fast enough.

  • TinyVM : TinyVM is a virtual machine with the goal of having a small footprint. Low memory usage, a small amount of code, and a small binary.

  • gVisor : gVisor is a user-space kernel, written in Go, that implements a substantial portion of the Linux system surface.

  • Kata Containers : Kata Containers is a new open source project building extremely lightweight virtual machines that seamlessly plug into the containers ecosystem.

  • Hyper Container : Hypervisor-agnostic Docker Runtime.

  • Colima : Container runtimes on macOS (and Linux) with minimal setup.

  • Podman Desktop : A graphical tool for developing on containers and Kubernetes.