SQLite List

  • How the SQLite Virtual Machine Works : SQLite is unique among embedded databases in that it not only has a transactional, b-tree storage layer but it also includes a robust SQL execution engine. Today, we’re diving into how SQLite parses, optimizes, & executes your SQL queries.

  • 2022-SQLite Internals》📚: SQLite is a file-based database which is extremely reliable and stable. It is the world’s most used database. The codebase and mechanisms it uses is extremely complex. The seemingly simple nature of it and adoption makes a good case for deep diving into in a fascinating piece of software.


  • datasette : An instant JSON API for your SQLite databases.

  • soul : A SQLite RESTful server.

  • nalgeon/sqlean : To achieve it, we split extensions that are too broad, merge the ones that are too narrow, refactor, add missing features, test, document, and do a ton of other small things.