Database Sharding List

  • 不停机分库分表迁移: 随着业务的发展,单表容量超过千万甚至达到亿级别以上,这时候就需要考虑分库分表这个问题了,而不停机分库分表迁移,这应该是分库分表最基本的需求。

  • 2018-A Brief History of High Availability: In this post, we want to take a look at how distributed databases have historically handled partial failures within a system and understand––at a high level––what high availability looks like.


  • 2020-MySQL sharding at Quora: In this blog post, we discuss how Quora was able to scale our usage of MySQL to meet the growing requirements of our content. We’ll focus especially on the challenge of sharding the data stored in MySQL at scale.

Sharding Sphere