WebGPU List



  • 2020-WebGPU Fundamentals #Series#: A set of articles to help learn WebGPU.

  • 2021-LearningWebGPU #Series# : WebGPU tutorials inspired by LearningWebGL.com. Use both WGSL and GLSL/SPIR-V.

  • 2022-WebGPU-Step-By-Step #Series# : This YouTube video series uses the real-world sample apps to explain the WebGPU basics, shader program, GPU buffer, and rendering pipeline. From this video series, you will learn how to create primitives and simple objects in WebGPU. As you gradually progress through the video series, you will get to grips with advanced WebGPU topics, including 3D transformation, lighting calculation, colormaps, and textures. At the same time, you will learn how to create advanced 3D WebGPU objects, including various 3D wireframes, 3D shapes, simple and parametric 3D surfaces with colormaps and textures, as well as 3D surface plots and 2D and 3D fractal graphics described by complex functions. In addition, you will explore new WebGPU features, such as compute shader and storage buffer, and how to use them to simulate large particle systems.