• three-spritetext : A sprite based text component for ThreeJS.

  • react-three-fiber : 🇨🇭 A React renderer for Three.js

  • VTK : VTK is an open-source software system for image processing, 3D graphics, volume rendering and visualization.


  • sketch of three.js: Interactive sketches made with three.js.

  • react-planner : ✏️ A React Component for plans design. Draw a 2D floorplan and navigate it in 3D mode.

  • threejs-cookbook : Examples for the Three.js Cookbook book published by packt

  • 3d : Three.js 3D 项目,包含冰墩墩 🐼、数字城市 🏙、3D 人像 👤、车模展示 🚗、塞尔达传说 🗡 等一些 3D 趣味演示页面,持续优化中…访问链接如下 👇

  • 2021-MeshWalk.js : MeshWalk.js is a JS library which helps your TPS game development with three.js.

  • threejs-sandbox : Set of experiments and extensions to THREE.js. These pages are a sandbox of examples and not necessarily ready to include in projects and may require some work to properly and performantly integrate.

  • discourse examples: Links to and originals in source code


  • 2019-threejs-miniprogram : WeChat MiniProgram adapted version of Three.js

  • 2020-three-mesh-ui : three-mesh-ui is a small library for building VR user interfaces. The objects it creates are three.object3Ds, usable directly in a three.js scene like any other Object3D.

  • 2023-vis-three : three.js 库二次功能封装 + 配置化的 three.js 开发。


  • three-geometry-welder : A customizable way of merging your buffer geometry

  • 2017-geometry-extrude : A small and fast JavaScript library for extruding 2D polygons and polylines to 3D meshes. It depends on earcut to do triangulation.

  • 2017-three.bas : THREE Buffer Animation System is an extension for THREE.js. It simplifies the workflow of extending the built-in THREE.js materials to include animation logic in the vertex shader. For an overview of this approach, check out this tutorial series.

  • 2018-threejs-mesh-modifiers : A Three.js mesh morph modifier, including nearly ten modifiers, such as Bend, Bloat, Noise, Skew and Taper, etc. It is very lightweight and simple to use, using it can give you unexpected results.

  • 2020-OmarShehata/webgl-outlines : Implementation of a post process outline shader in ThreeJS & PlayCanvas.

  • 2023-kokomi.js : A growing three.js helper library.


  • 2018-three-mesh-bvh : A BVH implementation to speed up raycasting and enable spatial queries against three.js meshes.

  • 2021-three-bvh-csg : A flexible, memory compact, fast and dynamic CSG implementation on top of three-mesh-bvh

  • 2021-THREE-CSGMesh : Conversion of a CSG - (Constructive Solid Geometry) library for use with modern THREE.js




  • 2017-three-spritetext : A sprite based text component for ThreeJS. The text is drawn to canvas, converted into a Texture and then used as a material on a Sprite. Because a sprite is being used, the text will always face the camera, and has its orientation fixed relative to the camera.


  • 2021-THREE.extendMaterial : Extending built-in materials, instances of ShaderMaterial and shader objects of onBeforeCompile.

  • FarazzShaikh/THREE-CustomShaderMaterial : Custom Shader Material (CSM) lets you extend Three.js’ material library with your own Vertex and Fragment shaders. It Supports both Vanilla and React!

  • 2022-three-projected-material : 📽 Three.js Material which lets you do Texture Projection on a 3d Model.

  • 3DTilesRendererJS : Three.js renderer implementation for the 3D Tiles format. The renderer supports most of the 3D Tiles spec features with a few exceptions. See Issue #15 for information on which features are not yet implemented.

React Three Fiber

  • react-three-fiber : react-three-fiber is a React renderer for threejs.

  • drei : A growing collection of useful helpers and fully functional, ready-made abstractions for @react-three/fiber. If you make a component that is generic enough to be useful to others, think about making it available here through a PR!

  • r3f-perf : Easily monitor your ThreeJS performances.

  • react-three-flex : Placing content in THREE.js is hard. @react-three/flex brings the webs flexbox spec to react-three-fiber. It is based on Yoga, Facebook’s open source layout engine for react-native.


  • 2019-iTowns : A Three.js-based framework written in Javascript/WebGL for visualizing 3D geospatial data

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