Awesome Products & Codebases

  • Projectbook : A collection of over 100 project ideas for learning new programming languages, frameworks, and libraries.

  • Build yourself a Linux: A short tutorial about building Linux based operating systems.

  • 2018-mkernel : This is a minimalist kernel which prints “my first kernel” on the screen and then hangs.

  • 2018-Writing an OS in Rust: This blog series creates a small operating system in the Rust programming language. Each post is a small tutorial and includes all needed code, so you can follow along if you like.

  • 2020-What is Linux From Scratch?》📚: Linux From Scratch (LFS) is a project that provides you with step-by-step instructions for building your own customized Linux system entirely from source.

  • 2020-What do you want to learn today ?: Project Based Learning is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging, and complex question, problem, or challenge.

Awesome Codebases 收藏了哪些设计,代码风格,或者架构优美的开源项目,值得作为我们下一个大型项目的借鉴。

  • Awesome macOS open source applications. 🗃️: List of awesome open source applications for macOS. This list contains a lot of native and cross-platform apps. The main goal of this repository is to find open source and free apps and start contributing.

  • FullStack Home Renting : This project was supposed to be an app where users receive benefits for paying their rent through the platform as opposed to check or bank transfer.

  • Joplin : a note taking and to-do application with synchronization capabilities for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

  • Bottery : Bottery is a syntax, editor, and simulator for prototyping generative contextual conversations modeled as finite state machines.

  • Bubble: Build software by pointing and clicking.

  • jeecg-boot : 基于代码生成器的低代码平台,超越传统商业平台!前后端分离架构:SpringBoot 2.x,SpringCloud Alibaba,Ant Design&Vue,Mybatis-plus,Shiro,JWT。强大的代码生成器让前后端代码一键生成,无需写任何代码! 引领新开发模式(OnlineCoding-> 代码生成-> 手工 MERGE),帮助 Java 项目解决 70%重复工作,让开发更关注业务逻辑,既能快速提高开发效率,帮助公司节省成本,同时又不失灵活性。

  • Ferry : 本系统是集工单统计、任务钩子、权限管理、灵活配置流程与模版等等于一身的开源工单系统,当然也可以称之为工作流引擎。致力于减少跨部门之间的沟通,自动任务的执行,提升工作效率与工作质量,减少不必要的工作量与人为出错率。

Code Snippets

  • Rosetta Code : Rosetta Code is a programming chrestomathy site. The idea is to present solutions to the same task in as many different languages as possible, to demonstrate how languages are similar and different, and to aid a person with a grounding in one approach to a problem in learning another. Rosetta Code currently has 1,200 tasks, 388 draft tasks, and is aware of 878 languages, though we do not (and cannot) have solutions to every task in every language.

Web Template

  • Cruip: Beautifully designed HTML templates to help you easily create a landing page that looks professional, converts visitors, and grows your business.


  • Gitea : The goal of this project is to make the easiest, fastest, and most painless way of setting up a self-hosted Git service.


  • Spectrum : This is the main monorepo codebase of Spectrum. Every single line of code that’s not packaged into a reusable library is in this repository.

  • DevHub : GitHub Notifications Manager & Activity Watcher - Web, Mobile & Desktop


  • kosmonaut : A web browser engine for the space age 🚀

Build your own 3D Renderer

Build your own Augmented Reality

Build your own BitTorrent Client

Build your own Blockchain / Cryptocurrency

Build your own Bot

Build your own Command-Line Tool

Build your own Database

Build your own Docker

Build your own Emulator / Virtual Machine

Build your own Front-end Framework / Library

Build your own Game

Build your own Git

Build your own Network Stack

Build your own Neural Network

Build your own Operating System

Build your own Physics Engine

Build your own Programming Language

Build your own Regex Engine

Build your own Search Engine

Build your own Shell

Build your own Template Engine

Build your own Text Editor

Build your own Visual Recognition System

Build your own Voxel Engine

Build your own Web Search Engine

Build your own Web Server