AI Image Tools

Image Tools with AI

  • 2021-restorePhotos : It uses an ML model from the Applied Research Center called GFPGAN on Replicate to restore face photos. This application gives you the ability to upload any photo, which will send it through this ML Model using a Next.js API route, and return your restored photo.

  • 2023-Background Remover : Background Remover lets you Remove Background from images and video using AI with a simple command line interface that is free and open source.

  • 2023-StableStudio : StableStudio is Stability AI’s official open-source variant of DreamStudio, our user interface for generative AI.

  • Pixian.AI: Great quality at a fraction of the price And free while in Beta.


  • Umi-OCR : OCR 批量图片转文字识别软件,带界面,离线运行。可排除图片中水印区域的干扰,提取干净的文本。基于 PaddleOCR 。

  • tools-ocr: 树洞 OCR 文字识别(一款跨平台的 OCR 小工具)


  • 2023-Open Chat Video Editor : Open Chat Video Editor 是开源的短视频生成和编辑工具,整体技术框架如下。

  • 2023-roop : One-click deepfake (face swap). Take a video and replace the face in it with a face of your choice. You only need one image of the desired face. No dataset, no training.


  • 2023-Real-ESRGAN : Real-ESRGAN aims at developing Practical Algorithms for General Image/Video Restoration.