Prompt List

  • 2022-prompt-engine : Prompt engineering can be as simple as formatting a question and passing it to the model, but it can also get quite complex - requiring substantial code to manipulate and update strings. This library aims to make that easier. It also aims to codify patterns and practices around prompt engineering.

  • 2023-Click Prompt : ClickPrompt 是一款专为 Prompt 编写者设计的工具,它支持多种基于 Prompt 的 AI 应用,例如 Stable Diffusion、ChatGPT 和 GitHub Copilot 等。使用 ClickPrompt,您可以轻松地查看、分享和一键运行这些模型,同时提供在线的 Prompt 生成器,使用户能够根据自己的需求轻松创建符合要求的 Prompt,并与其他人分享。

  • 2023-Learning-Prompt : 这是一份教你如何更好使好地使用 ChatGPT 和其他 AI 产品的免费教程。

  • 2023-prompt-engineering : This guide was created by Brex for internal purposes. It’s based on lessons learned from researching and creating Large Language Model (LLM) prompts for production use cases. It covers the history around LLMs as well as strategies, guidelines, and safety recommendations for working with and building programmatic systems on top of large language models, like OpenAI’s GPT-4.

  • 2023-awesome-chatgpt-prompts : This repo includes ChatGPT prompt curation to use ChatGPT better.



  • 2023-Learn_Prompting : This website is a free, open-source guide on prompt engineering. Contributions are welcome! Harsh criticism is welcome too!