Chatbot List


  • go-cqhttp : go-cqhttp 兼容 OneBot-v11 绝大多数内容,并在其基础上做了一些扩展,详情请看 go-cqhttp 的文档。

  • OneBot : OneBot 标准:一个聊天机器人应用接口标准。

  • 2019-ChatterBot : ChatterBot is a machine learning, conversational dialog engine for creating chat bots。

  • 2023-OpenChatKit : OpenChatKit provides a powerful, open-source base to create both specialized and general purpose chatbots for various applications. The kit includes an instruction-tuned 20 billion parameter language model, a 6 billion parameter moderation model, and an extensible retrieval system for including up-to-date responses from custom repositories. It was trained on the OIG-43M training dataset, which was a collaboration between Together, LAION, and Much more than a model release, this is the beginning of an open source project. We are releasing a set of tools and processes for ongoing improvement with community contributions.


  • 2023-WebWhiz : WebWhiz allows you to create an AI chatbot that knows everything about your product and can instantly respond to your customer’s queries.