Web Analytics OpenSource List

  • Fathom : Fathom. Simple, trustworthy website analytics. Built with Golang & Preact.

  • Matomo : Liberating Web Analytics. Star us on Github? +1. Matomo is the leading open alternative to Google Analytics that gives you full control over your data. Matomo lets you easily collect data from websites, apps & the IoT and visualise this data and extract insights. Privacy is built-in. We love Pull Requests!

  • 2020-Umami : Umami is a simple, fast, privacy-focused alternative to Google Analytics.

  • 2020-PostHog : PostHog is an open-source suite of product and data tools, built for engineers.

  • 2022-Serpbear : SerpBear is an Open Source Search Engine Position Tracking App. It allows you to track your website’s keyword positions in Google and get notified of their positions.

Session Replay

  • 2021-rrweb : rrweb refers to ‘record and replay the web’, which is a tool for recording and replaying users’ interactions on the web.

  • 2021-OpenReplay : OpenReplay is a session replay suite you can host yourself, that lets you see what users do on your web app, helping you troubleshoot issues faster. It’s the only open-source alternative to products such as FullStory and LogRocket.

  • 2023-highlight : highlight.io is a monitoring tool for the next generation of developers (like you!). Unlike the age-old, outdated tools out there, we aim to build a cohesive, modern and fully-featured monitoring solution, something we wished WE had. And it’s all open source :)

  • 2023-Rety : Record typing on one or more editors and replay it at will, to simulate live coding.

Error Track

  • Sentry : Sentry fundamentally is a service that helps you monitor and fix crashes in realtime. The server is in Python, but it contains a full API for sending events from any language, in any application.

  • 2023-GlitchTip : Collect every error from your project in real time, organize them to make them useful, and receive alerts when and where you want…without breaking the budget.

URL Shortener

  • 2023-dub : An open-source link shortener with built-in analytics + free custom domains.