Service Mesh List | 服务网格资料索引


  • 2020-服务网格的最佳实践: 微服务发展的这几年,新的技术和概念层出不穷,这些技术的引入本质上都是在围绕服务稳定性和业务开发效率提升,最近两年服务网格越来越被广大的微服务用户所认知。




  • Kuma : Kuma is a platform agnostic open-source control plane for Service Mesh and Microservices. It can run and be operated natively across both Kubernetes and VM environments, making it easy to adopt by every team in the organization.

  • Istio : Istio is an open platform that provides a uniform way to connect, manage, and secure microservices. Istio supports managing traffic flows between microservices, enforcing access policies, and aggregating telemetry data, all without requiring changes to the microservice code.

  • Service Fabric : Service Fabric is a distributed systems platform for packaging, deploying, and managing stateless and stateful distributed applications and containers at large scale.

  • Open Service Mesh : Open Service Mesh (OSM) is a lightweight, extensible, cloud native service mesh that allows users to uniformly manage, secure, and get out-of-the-box observability features for highly dynamic microservice environments.


  • Envoy : Envoy is an OpenSource Egde and Service Proxy, Design for Cloud-Native Applications.

  • 2019-Kuma : Kuma is a universal open-source control plane for Service Mesh and Microservices.