GraphQL List

This file aggregates curated popular links for learning GraphQL. More reference about ITCS can turn to AwesomeList: Guide to Galaxy, which collects valuable, popular and up-to-date links for CS, including Programming Language, Software Engineering, Server Side Application, Infrastructure, InfoSecurity, Industrial Application, DataScienceAI, Frontend Technology(iOS, Android, RN, Electron), etc.


Backend for Frontend



  • GraphQL Specification: This is a Draft RFC Specification for GraphQL, a query language created by Facebook in 2012 for describing the capabilities and requirements of data models for client‐server applications.

  • Awesome GraphQL 🗃️: Awesome list of GraphQL & Relay.

  • 2017-How to GraphQL #Series#: How to GraphQL is a fullstack tutorial website to learn all around GraphQL! It was built by Graphcool and many amazing contributors.

Case Study

  • 2018-How GraphQL Replaces Redux: GraphQL is a server side query language. Redux is a client-side state management library. How could one replace the other?

  • 2017-GraphQL First in practice at Quri: Bringing GraphQL efficiencies to non JavaScript environment

  • 2017-Why We’re Betting on GraphQL: Universe is betting big on GraphQL. We’ve been hard at work this quarter aiming to deliver a richly typed, documented, publicly available GraphQL interface into our existing event ticketing platform.

  • 2017-Adding GraphQL to a REST and microservices backend: Client developers at Coursera love GraphQL’s flexibility, type-safety, and community of support, and we’ve made that well known.

  • 2019-PayPal:如何在你的公司扩展 GraphQL?: 去年,PayPal 将 GraphQL 引入了技术堆栈,彻底改变了开发人员思考数据、获取数据和构建应用程序的方式。本文作者在一年前曾写过一篇 GraphQL 最佳实践的文章,当时受到了广大读者的欢迎。这篇文章同样也是一篇精彩的总结,可以当作公司部署 GraphQL 的指南。



  • 2017-A Front End Developer’s Guide to GraphQL: In this post, we’ll walk through a couple of hands-on examples to show you how integrating GraphQL into your application will solve many pain points working with remote data.

  • 2018-An Introduction to GraphQL: It is a methodology that directly competes with REST (Representational state transfer) APIs, much like REST competed with SOAP at first.

  • 2018-GraphQL: Everything You Need to Know: The purpose of this article is to highlight the major features associated with GraphQL along with discussing the significant pros and cons associated with this particular API specification.

  • Launchpad : Launchpad is an in-browser GraphQL server playground. You can write a GraphQL schema example in JavaScript, and instantly create a serverless, publicly-accessible GraphQL endpoint. We call these code snippets that live on Launchpad “pads”.



  • 2017-Modeling GraphQL Mutations: In this article, I would like to explore one possible way how you can approach this challenge with examples from our own GraphQL API.