3D Reconstruction List


  • 2017-PolyFit : PolyFit implements the hypothesis and selection based surface reconstruction method described in the following paper.

  • 2018-pointcloudToMesh : C++ application to convert pcd file, ply file, txt file or xyz point cloud to MESH representation (Gp3).

  • 2019-completion3d : Source code for baselines of the Stanford 3D Point Cloud Completion Benchmark (completion3d.stanford.edu) and TopNet: Structural Point Cloud Decoder, CVPR 2019

  • 2020-Point2Mesh : Point2Mesh is a technique for reconstructing a surface mesh from an input point cloud. This approach “learns” from a single object, by optimizing the weights of a CNN to deform some initial mesh to shrink-wrap the input point cloud. The argument for going this route is: since the (local) convolutional kernels are optimized globally across the entire shape, this encourages local-scale geometric self-similarity across the reconstructed shape surface.

  • 2021-pcdmeshing : pcdmeshing is a Python package to reconstruct meshes from point clouds using CGAL.