RPA OpenSource List

  • automagica : AI-powered Smart Robotic Process Automation 🤖

  • RPA-Python : Python package for doing RPA

  • robotframework : Generic automation framework for acceptance testing and RPA

  • taskt : taskt (pronounced ’tasked’ and formely sharpRPA) is free and open-source robotic process automation (rpa) built in C# powered by the .NET Framework

  • Robocorp : Robocorp is a Python-based stack for automating any repetitive process. Build locally, operate from the cloud, run anywhere.

  • 2021-nut.js : nut.js is a cross-platform native UI automation / testing tool. It allows for native UI interactions via keyboard and / or mouse, but additionally gives you the possibility to navigate the screen based on image matching.



  • 2020-mirai : mirai 是一个在全平台下运行,提供 QQ Android 协议支持的高效率机器人库.

  • 2022-openwechat : golang 版个人微信号 API, 突破登录限制,类似开发公众号一样,开发个人微信号。

  • 2022-ComWeChatRobot : PC 微信机器人,实现获取通讯录,发送文本、图片、文件等消息,封装 COM 接口供 Python、C# 调用。

  • 2023-WeChat-Hook : PC wechat robot interface [wechat Hook] / PC 微信 接口 微信 Hook 微信机器人 微信 Hook 源码 PC 微信协议算法.