Web-Drag & Resize-OpenSource-List

Drag & Drop

  • 2014-dragula : Drag and drop so simple it hurts

  • 2016-interact.js : JavaScript drag and drop, resizing and multi-touch gestures with inertia and snapping for modern browsers (and also IE8+)

  • 2016-Vue.Draggable : Vue drag-and-drop component based on Sortable.js.

  • 2017-draggable : The JavaScript Drag & Drop library your grandparents warned you about. Draggable comes with additional modules: Sortable, Droppable, Swappable. Draggable itself does not perform any sorting behaviour while dragging, but does the heavy lifting;

  • 2017-react-beautiful-dnd : Beautiful and accessible drag and drop for lists with React.

  • 2017-React DnD : Drag and Drop for React.

  • 2019-Sortable : Reorderable drag-and-drop lists for modern browsers and touch devices. No jQuery or framework required.

  • 2020-dnd-kit : The modern, lightweight, performant, accessible and extensible drag & drop toolkit for React.