C List


  • 2020-C 语言发展史的点点滴滴: 一直想写一篇关于 C 语言的文章,里面包含 C 语言的发展史、创始人等相关事迹。但是却迟迟未写,主要原因是因为:在我看来,这个语言太过于伟大、耀眼。作为一个仅仅使用过 C 语言的普通开发来说,完全没资格去写。但是,最近在看过一篇丹尼斯.里奇写的《C 语言发展史》之后,坚定了我写这篇文章的决心。不是歌功颂德,仅仅是以一种客观的视角去欣赏。


  • 2023-《Beej’s Guide to C Programming》》📚: In the old days, C was a simpler language. A good number of the features contained in this book and a lot of the features in the Library Reference volume didn’t exist when K&R wrote the famous second edition of their book in 1988. Nevertheless, the language remains small at its core, and I hope I’ve presented it here in a way that starts with that simple core and builds outward.


  • 2020-Write a Shell in C #Series#: University students beware! Many classes have assignments that ask you to write a shell, and some faculty are aware of this tutorial and code. If you’re a student in such a class, you shouldn’t copy (or copy then modify) this code without permission. And even then, I would advise against heavily relying on this tutorial.

  • 2022-Building a simple shell in C #Series#: A basic shell that prints a prompt, waits for user to enter command and prints what they entered on the next line.

  • 2022-Everything I wish I knew when learning C: This page is a living collection of summaries, signposts, and advice for these broader points that made my journey with C and other compiled languages easier. I hope it’s useful to you!