Git OpenSource List

  • awesome-git-addons

  • github/gitignore: A collection of useful .gitignore templates

  • git-sizer : Compute various size metrics for a Git repository, flagging those that might cause problems

  • githug : Githug is designed to give you a practical way of learning git. It has a series of levels, each requiring you to use git commands to arrive at a correct answer. Here is tutorials.

  • dropbox-as-a-true-git-server

  • lazygit : A simple terminal UI for git commands, written in Go with the gocui library.

  • Dolt : Dolt is a SQL database that you can fork, clone, branch, merge, push and pull just like a git repository.

  • 2023-Git-Heat-Map : Map showing the cpython repositiory, highlighting the files that Guido van Rossum changed the most.


  • 2023-ugit: DIY Git in Python #Series#: This tutorial is different from most Git internals tutorials because we’re not going to talk about Git only with words but also with code! We’re going to write in Python as we go.


  • git-fire: git-fire 可以用于在某些紧急状态下将当前的文件暂存,提交并且推送到一个新的分支。

  • 2018-GRV : GRV is a terminal based interface for viewing git repositories. It allows refs, commits and diffs to be viewed, searched and filtered.

Client | 数据可视化



  • gitprotocolio : A Git protocol parser written in Go.

  • Gitea : The goal of this project is to make the easiest, fastest, and most painless way of setting up a self-hosted Git service.