Vector Search List

  • 2022-Virtual Workshop Vectorization #Series#: Vectorization is a process by which floating-point computations in scientific code are compiled into special instructions that execute elementary operations (+,-,*, etc.) or functions (exp, cos, etc.) in parallel on fixed-size vector arrays. The ultimate goal of vectorization is an increase in floating-point performance (possibly integer and logical performance as well) through hardware parallelism.


  • 2019-Faiss : Faiss is a library for efficient similarity search and clustering of dense vectors. It contains algorithms that search in sets of vectors of any size, up to ones that possibly do not fit in RAM. It also contains supporting code for evaluation and parameter tuning. Faiss is written in C++ with complete wrappers for Python/numpy. Some of the most useful algorithms are implemented on the GPU. It is developed primarily at Meta’s Fundamental AI Research group.

  • 2023-USearch : Smaller & Faster Vector Search Engine for C++, Python, JavaScript, Rust, Java, GoLang, Wolfram.